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Checklist: Tell-tale Signs of Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy checklist 

1 min to read Nov 3, 2015

What to pack for hospital

Your due date is just around the corner. It’s time to pack your bag for the hospital. Don’t forget to include something to wear when people come to admire your little miracle. Use this checklist to make sure nothing slips your mind

Checklist: in your hospital bag

Everyday clothes

6 button-up shirts (to make it easy to breastfeed)

2 or 3 comfortable dresses or trousers

1 jumper, jacket or cardigan

3 or 4 pairs of socks + slippers

2 feeding bras + feeding cushion

Pack of thick sanitary pads and breast pads


2 pairs of pyjamas

1 dressing gown

Everything else

1 toiletries bag with your face and body products


1 bag for dirty laundry

Checklist: for your new baby

6 sleepsuits

6 baby wraps

Nappies (if your hospital doesn’t provide them)

Socks and beanie

Infant car seat for when they go home