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PLAYING: Are you taking care of yourself as a new mom? (Take our test to see)

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Are you taking care of yourself as a new mom? (Take our test to see)

Hey mom. I know you are tired. I know your entire being is focused on your baby and learning your new role and how to care for this precious new piece of you. Your baby needs you to remember that you need to take care of YOU too; because you can't care for them if you are running on empty.

4 mins to read Jan 2, 2018

Take this short test to find out if you are remembering to take care of yourself, while learning to be a mom. Select the option that is most correct.

1. This mom eats a balanced meal; including protein, carbs and vegetables:

  1. Twice a day.

  2. Once a day.

  3. Every other day.

  4. What is a vegetable?

2. This mom keeps hydrated by drinking:

  1. A rehydrate mixture to support breastfeeding and lots of water.

  2. 2l of water a day.

  3. Juices to boost hydration and vitamin intake.

  4. Coffee is the only thing keeping me alive!

3. This mom exercises by:

  1. Going to the gym or exercise classes.

  2. Doing yoga at home.

  3. Walking around the neighborhood.

  4. Pacing the floor rocking baby to sleep at 3am.

4. This mom leaves the house:

  1. At least once a day for a change of scenery.

  2. Every few days when we run out of groceries.

  3. Once a week on a family outing.

  4. What's outside the house?!

5. My thoughts on other moms:

  1. My tribe. We meet at least once a week and share everything.

  2. Other moms understand why we can only get together once a month.

  3. It helps to know they are out there. We chat online.

  4. I don't know any other moms.

6. My mom-uniform is:

  1. Regular clothes. Getting up and getting dressed helps me kick start the day.

  2. Maternity clothes. Nothing else fits and they are still comfortable.

  3. Tracksuits. Comfortable and practical, they are day clothes.

  4. Pajamas. Nobody sees me anyway.

7. Alone time is...

  1. Regularly, while my partner spends quality time with the baby.

  2. When baby sleeps and occasional baths.

  3. On weekends, my partner takes the baby for a few hours here and there.

  4. A myth.

Let's begin by putting your mind at ease. Every answer above has been given by every mom at some stage of motherhood. We have all been there. You are not alone.

All or mostly A's is everybody's goal and it should be yours too. This is usually when baby is quite a bit older. It does come and your body, mind and soul become a priority again. To begin to move towards this, pick one right now to focus on becoming your new normal. Once conquered, move on to another.

In reality, the B's represent a very healthy balance. I suspect this is what a mom who has begun to find her centre achieves. It represents having taken positive steps, with a support system that understands and gets involved. Ticking all the B's? Give yourself - and your support systems - a high five.

If your answers are mostly Cs, you are in the trenches. You're likely a new mom (anybody whose child is under 4). You are trying. You will get there. Try to lean on the people around you a little more. Organize a once a month coffee date to speak to another mom in person. Ask your partner to take baby for even a half hour every day, so you can find a place to just breathe and collect your thoughts.

D is where we all start as new moms. While it is normal, finding ways to move towards C, then B and finally A, will make your journey that little bit easier. Remind yourself that to be the best mom you can be, you have to be the best YOU that you can be.


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