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Week 07

Your baby is already a pretty impressive 15 mm long.  Though you won’t feel it yet, she’s on the move.

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Monday, October 15th, 2018


With her first muscles in place, your baby is starting to move a little, albeit involuntarily. Legs and arms are growing, elbows are forming and her toes and fingers are beginning to look like ‘real’ toes and fingers. All the visual equipment is coming along nicely, too. Her optic nerve is practically functional and starting to react to differences in light ever so slightly. Lots of little changes this week!



A craving for pickles is more than just a pregnancy cliché. Things you loved pre-pregnancy may turn you off now. Even your favourite perfume may now make you cringe.  Your habits might change because your altered hormone levels have an effect on your sense of smell and taste. Your new cravings may even include gherkins. Unfortunately, you may also experience the exact opposite of cravings. Many mums-to-be have a lot of trouble with nausea, especially early in the morning.



This might be a good time to add a snack to your regular meals.

Your body, under the influence of natural hormones, is already thinking ahead. It needs to store some fat tissue to begin preparing for the final months of pregnancy and, after that, breastfeeding  A simple snack of around 200 calories - the equivalent of 1/6th of a  buttered baguette accompanied by a slice of ham, or a yogurt with fruit and a biscuit - is enough to meet your energy needs and those of your growing baby. 



Have you been feeling sick mid-afternoon? “Morning” sickness can occur at any time of the day. This nauseous feeling can be caused by low blood sugar. Once you feel better, try adding that snack we were talking about. If you are prone to vomiting, drink a little apple or grape juice to replace lost fluids, or suck on a little crushed ice. Ginger is a good remedy for nausea, as well, in the form of biscuits or tea. If buying ginger preparations from the health food shop or chemist’s, you should make sure that they are suitable for pregnant women. Tell your doctor too, he or she might have some other ideas for you.

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