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How to help baby reflux

Baby reflux. It’s one of the most common symptoms in babies in their first year. Here are some baby reflux remedies to help prevent and ease the symptoms.

2 mins to read Nov 9, 2020
  • Check your breastfeeding technique. Make sure baby is latching on well—your healthcare provider (HCP) can help with this. You could always read our breastfeeding guide to getting a good latch.
  • Make sure baby’s head and body are in a straight line when breastfeeding.
  • Hold your baby fairly upright when bottle-feeding. Get more bottle-feeding tips here.
  • Try having more breaks, burping baby part-way through each feed.
  • Ask your HCP to watch while you burp your baby. They may have some tricks.
  • Keep baby upright after a feed. Stick to calm cuddles, save playing airplanes for later.
  • If you’re formula-feeding, try giving smaller feeds more often
  • Avoid changing your diet if you’re breastfeeding.
  • Make sure your baby lies flat on their back to sleep.
  • Avoid pressure on your little one’s tummy—this means avoid strapping baby into a car seat or bouncer seat straight after a feed.
  • Make sure you’ve got a clean towel or burping cloth to hand for clean-ups.
  • Speak to your HCP about probiotics—research has shown that L. reuteri may bring relief by balancing the bacteria in your baby’s gut.
  • Speak to your HCP if baby’s reflux symptoms do not improve after a couple of weeks or your baby is not gaining weight or is losing weight.




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