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7 Ways to enjoy motherhood (without forgetting yourself)

Motherhood can be all consuming. Before you are even aware of it, you forget who you are outside of being a mom. You feel that focusing on your own needs is selfish and somehow makes you a bad mom. We all go through this. There are a few ways to combine enjoying motherhood, while keeping yourself in mind too.

3 mins to read Jan 2, 2018

7 Ways to enjoy motherhood, without forgetting yourself

1. Bath time bonding

When you venture into motherhood, one of the most difficult things to do is make time to bath. This can take a toll on you emotionally. Taking a bath is scientifically proven to promote relaxation and ease physical aches and pains... both of which are needed by new moms! Baths are also soothing for babies, so why not relax in a bath with baby? This removes the stress of trying to squeeze in time for you to bath or to bath baby. It turns a rushed chore into quality skin-to-skin time where you both get clean.

2. Step out

Leaving the house in the early months of motherhood can be overwhelming. Take small steps. Strap baby into a baby carrier or pop them into their pram and just walk around your garden. Breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin and watch how your baby responds to being outside. A change of scenery is as good as a holiday after being bed bound for a while. And new sights, sounds and experiences are great for baby's development too.

3. Read

There is something about escaping into a book that lets you take a break from reality. The realities of motherhood can be difficult to adjust to. "When do I have time to read?" I hear you ask. Any time. Read out loud! What you read is not important when they are small...Research has shown that your baby benefits from hearing your voice and listening to the rhythms and tones in your voice.

4. Playdates

Your little one might not be ready to run and play, but being around other babies is good for them! But more importantly, motherhood can be incredibly lonely and being around other moms on the same journey helps alleviate that.

5. Dance

From boosting happiness to getting your heart rate up, dancing is good for you. Pick up your little one, put on your favourite song, and dance! Dancing with baby is incredibly good for their development, strengthening balance and increasing body and space awareness. And having fun with your baby will remind you that motherhood is more than being tired.

6. Share your passion

Do you love painting? Or yoga? Or running? Share that passion with your little one. Once they are a little bigger, let them enjoy messy play with paint. Use a stretch wrap, put them on you and do some yoga. Get a jogger pram and run while your little one naps. Include them in the things you love.

7. Sleep

There is a thing that happens once you enter motherhood. You find yourself having to choose between "me time" and sleep. If you manage to incorporate some of the above pointers into your life, finding ways to enjoy motherhood while making time for you, choose sleep. Everything is more enjoyable, more fun, easier to handle, when your body has a chance to properly rest.

Do you have any tricks to enjoying motherhood while prioritizing you?


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