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Week 27

Your baby still has some growing to do but as of today, he’s big enough laying down to fit on your forearm between your hand and your elbow. Read more about this week.

2 mins to read Oct 15, 2018


Your baby still needs to grow. His respiratory system has everything it needs to allow it to breathe, but it is still too immature to actually do so. His lungs are divided over 17 levels, forming the bronchial tree, but air exchange would be too difficult if your baby were to be born now. Indeed, the air sacs aren’t well developed yet, and there isn’t enough surfactant (a substance that lines the inside of the alveolar surface, facilitating the opening of the cells and preventing sagging) yet, not before the 35th week of pregnancy. So relax while your baby grows a little more



It has been 29 weeks since you’ve had a period – most women enjoy the pause! 29 weeks of amenorrhea translates to the 27th week of a pregnancy. Have you been trying to picture how big the baby is so far? Well, she’s around 34 cm from the top of head to the ends of her toes. Imagine that her head is around the size of a small orange. We’re willing to bet she is just lovely!



Having a hard time sleeping well? You are not alone. Unfortunately, it’s quite normal. There are, however, a few things you can try nutrition-wise to improve the quality of your rest. If you suffer from reflux and heartburn and that’s why you’re not sleeping well, feel free to add a pillow or even sleeping almost upright! On the other hand, try and lighten up your evening meal so you’re not going to bed on a really full stomach. If you get hungry later, try a yogurt and a piece of non-acidic fruit or a slice of whole grain bread with jam.



Even if an experienced mum, it can be helpful to take classes that prepare you for childbirth. Researchers are constantly discovering new information that can help you during your pregnancy. In addition, delivery methods change frequently. Understand the changes occurring in your body during labour and delivery, and learn some good relaxation techniques for limiting anxiety when the time comes. Other good reasons to enrol in a childbirth preparation course? You will be giving birth in a new place this time around and/or your last baby was delivered some years ago.


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