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12-24 months
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Toddler Meal Guide

There is a lot to consider when putting together a healthy meal plan for your toddler. The following suggestions include most of what your toddler will need every day and will make the planning process easier. This is simply a guide - individual toddler needs will vary depending on their activity levels and age.

87 mins to read Feb 28, 2018

A healthy toddler’s* diet should include:


1 serving of meat or poultry per day equivalent to 65g meat, chicken, fish, 1 large egg, or ½ cup of baked beans.


½ serving of fruit per day -around 150g: 1 small piece of fruit or ½ cup canned fruit,

1- 1½ servings dairy per day - 1 serving = 250mL milk, 40g hard cheese or 1 tub (include quantity) yoghurt.


A minimum of 4 small glasses of water per day (water needs will vary depending on the weather and their level of activity. An indication that they are getting enough fluid is when their urine is fairly clear to very pale yellow colour).


2- 3 servingss of vegetables per day (one serving is about 75g, or ½ cup cooked vegetables, or 1 cup salad).


4 servings of grain (cereal) foods per day (with 1 serving = 1 slice of bread, ½ cup cooked pasta or rice, or 30g cereal).

Limit intake of foods high in added sugar, fats and sodium.


activity sessions per week, toddlers need at least 3 hours of movement daily spread out over the day. Limit their use of electronic games and television viewing.


A good sleep routine – sleep is very important for growth and development


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