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Bottle-feeding tips

Bottle-feeding might look easy but there’s a fair bit to swallow. So here’s a list of bottle-feeding tips, covering bottle-feeding positions, setting a bottle-feeding routine, and more.

335 mins to read Nov 9, 2020
  • When it comes to bottle-feeding positions, you should always hold the bottle at an angle to help reduce wind.
  • Consider using expressed breast milk if you can.
  • If you’re switching from breast to bottle, try sharing the first bottle-feeds between mom and dad. That way dad gets plenty of baby-bonding time, baby learns to feed with someone else, and mom gets a rest.
  • Try different bottle-feeding teats until you find the one that works best.
  • Look out for your baby’s “I’m hungry” and “I’m full” cues. You’ll soon get to know them.
  • For hygiene reasons discard any unfinished milk in a bottle as soon as possible and always within one hour.
  • Whether you’re expressing milk or using formula, always sterilize bottles and teats according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • If you’re considering formula feeds, discuss which one would be appropriate for your baby’s needs with your healthcare provider first.
  • If you use formula, always follow the manufacturer’s preparation and storage instructions.