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6-8 months
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Baby meal planner 6 to 8 months

Around 6-8 months, babies are ready for solids and infant cereals. 

59 mins to read Jan 3, 2016

Consistency: Mashed foods with soft lumps as tolerated, progressing to minced and chopped foods.

Amount: 1/4 to 1/2 cup plus

Timing: After breast feeds

Breast feeds: 3–5 breastfeeds per day

Frequency: 2–3 times a day

Types of foods: Increase variety of foods - cereal (grain foods), different fruits and vegetables, as well as whole egg, custards and yoghurts

Note – Always seek individualised advice when you have a family history of allergy, intolerance, coeliac disease or your baby is suspected to have feeding delays (such as tongue tie or physical or mental disabilities).