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How to be a modern-day mom

Being a mom is hard, particularly the first time around. Unlike moms of the past though, we have many modern-day mom tools to make life a little bit easier. And with the advancement of smartphones, most of these tools connect to apps that make using them, and learning from them, easy!

Here are some of our must-have modern-day mom apps and tools

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

Parenting Apps

Track your child's developmental milestones and growth, get warnings of sleep regressions and identify common rashes. Localized parenting apps will also include emergency contacts and often advice on when to use them.

Motherhood can be incredibly scary. Many of the parenting apps include forums, where every day moms just like you can ask questions, share struggles and support other moms. Here some recommendations:

  • The Wonder Weeks App

  • Fisher Price’s free Baby Apps

  • Baby's Musical Hands

  • Infant Zoo

Car seat tech

One of the best mom tools of the modern age is the car seat. Every new seat offers better safety, comfort and ease of use. Being able to concentrate on driving instead of worrying about baby's safety or comfort is a gift to any mom. The design of new infant seats being lighter to carry and easy to click in and out of a fixed base in a car or a stroller, gives moms freedom they didn't have before.

The newest car seat development is a self-installing car seat! It is designed to combat the fact that a large percentage of car seats are incorrectly installed and therefore not safe as the parents expect them to be. With auto-leveling and –tensioning, this seat installs securely every time. It is used with an app on your phone, and has performed incredibly well in crash testing.

Breastfeeding support in your phone

There are many breastfeeding apps available to support you as a new mom. You can track when you last fed, for how long and on which side. You can keep track of when you last expressed and how much milk you got. Many of these apps also allow tracking of wet diapers to ensure baby is getting enough liquids and is happily hydrated. And they tend to have frequently asked questions, so you can find answers to the many questions you might have.

Breastfeeding can be challenging, especially for a tired new mommy. These apps provide you with support in the small things, to allow you to keep your focus on the big things.

Baby monitor apps

Did moms used to just sit and watch their children sleep at all times in the past? We're not sure how they were able to get anything done, let alone find time to just breathe and drink a cup of coffee. Or is it just us that needs to constantly see our child and hear every sigh they make to ensure they are safe? Could be.

Mom tools that allow you to be in another room, prep some dinner, eat lunch, all while keeping a close eye and ear on your precious little one asleep in another room, get a thumbs up from us. There are so many cloud based baby monitors available that allow you to connect directly to your phone or tablet. There are sensors that pick up baby moving around a lot or irregular sounds (crying and other awake noises). What we love most about these, is that they don’t only allow you to check in! You can also switch on some music or white noise or soothe them with your voice without having to be in the room.

Fold up stroller

As mom tools go, these are a winner! You no longer have to fight a large heavy stroller in or out of the car boot or have to sacrifice the stability of a large stroller by having a flimsy fold down pushchair. There are strollers on the market now that can hold a 5-year-old, but fold up small enough to fit into a large handbag!

 What are some of the mom tools that make mom life easier?

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