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5 Outfits for Moms-to-be

Being pregnant can make you feel hot and puffy and uncomfortable in your own skin... Never mind how you feel in your regular clothes. When everybody tells you that you are glowing; you roll your eyes... Because "glowing" is just a nice way of saying sweating, right? Everything you own feels tight, hot and restricting for ages before you really start showing. So you start wearing you "comfortable" clothes more... Stretched out t-shirts and yoga pants, that shapeless shift you wear around the house become "dress up" clothing. Moms-to be, you do not have to feel fat and frumpy just because you are pregnant!

Sunday, December 31st, 2017

With that in mind, we have put together 5 outfits with a single key item for expecting moms that can easily be dressed up or down.


Outfit 1 - The maxi dress for expecting moms

Moms-to-be, nothing makes you feel more goddess-like that a soft, flowing maxi dress. Choose light colours that are plain or simply-patterned. Light colours do not attract the heat, and plain or simple patterns allow for using small touches to change the entire look.


Take a buttery yellow or crisp white maxi dress with strap sleeves.


For a day time outing to the shops, add soft leather sandals, a long beaded necklace and an oversized sunhat. And pop a light cardigan into your simple tote bag.


For an evening out, add some gold. Low gold wedge shoes, a chunky statement necklace, and some great earrings. Hair up, a colourful wrap with some gold threading and a clutch bag. You could add a soft gold plaited belt above your bump to add silhouette.


Dressing up or dressing down, you will feel beautiful and comfortable. All pregnant moms should have at least one maxi dress.



Outfit 2 - Linen Capri pants


Linen is a very breathable natural fibre with a light weave that keeps you cool and fresh in heat. Moms-to-be will love linen everything, because it is absorbent so the hormone induced sweating is eased.


A pair of simple linen neutral coloured pants, with a soft stretch waist that can be worn below your belly, is a great investment. The top and shoes you choose to wear with them can change the look completely.


Spending the day at home? Wear your grey capris with a simple white t-shirt and bare feet. Cool and comfortable. Add a soft waterfall jersey if it the temperatures drop.


Heading out to the office? Keep your grey linen capris and white t-shirt and wear a matching linen jacket. Add some simple silver jewellery and a pair of low heeled pumps.


Outfit 3 - Chambray shirt dress

We love that chambray offers the look of denim, but with its high thread count, finer weave and breathability. Denim is always in fashion, but often very uncomfortable to wear for expecting moms. If you choose the right style chambray shirt dress, you can wear it as is, over black pregnancy tights or open over your maxi dress or t-shirt. If you find a maternity wear version, they often have lovely soft belts that wrap stylishly above your belly.


Change shoes to change styles - strappy flat sandals, soft flat boots or sneakers. It is that simple.


Outfit 4 - Blended fabric t-shirts

Blended materials keep their shape, resist heat and detract moisture. Invest in a variety of t-shirts in different styles in a size or two above your usual. Get a few plain, statement and patterned; some long sleeved, short sleeved and vests. V-neck t-shirts allow combining with other outfits easily.


Add a bold statement tee to your linen work outfit to modernise it. Wear a plain t-shirt knotted above your belly over your maxi dress to create a whole new look. Pair with a pair of shorts for a casual look.


Outfit 5 - Dark coloured long pants

Whether black, charcoal or navy... Wear with a vest, long or short sleeved t-shirt, a cardigan, or a button up shirt. Maternity specific pants may be a good investment as they allow for a tailored look on the leg, with an adapted waistband to accommodate your growing tummy.


Pregnant moms represent the joy and generosity of femininity. Embrace that! Not only do you want your wardrobe to be beautiful and comfortable, you want it to be simple and require as little thought as possible.

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